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6 Preventable Home Fires to Avoid this Holiday Season

1. Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are the most common type of home fire. They usually occur in the kitchen or bathroom due to electrical outlets. The most common way to avoid an electrical fire is by using extension cords instead of power strips. Extension cords provide more flexibility than power strips. If you have any questions about how to use extension cords safely, please contact your local electrician.

2. Cooking Fires

Cooking fires are caused when food drips onto hot surfaces such as stove tops, ovens, grills, etc. To help prevent cooking fires, keep pans on the stovetop away from the burners. Also, make sure that all appliances are turned off before leaving the room.

3. Accidental Fires

Accidental fires are usually caused by smoking materials. Make sure that cigarettes and cigars are out of reach of children. Never smoke in bed!

4. Furnace Fires

Furnace fires are very dangerous because they can spread quickly through the entire home. It is important to always turn off furnaces before going to sleep. In addition, do not leave heating vents open.

5. Appliance Fires

Appliances like stoves, refrigerators, dryers, and dishwashers can easily catch fire. Keep appliances clean to reduce the risk of appliance fires.

6. Fireplaces

Fireplaces are great for warming up the home during cold weather. However, fireplace fires can get out of control very quickly. Always extinguish a fireplace fire immediately.

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

The holiday season brings with it many opportunities for fun and enjoyment. Unfortunately, some people may find themselves in situations where their safety is put in jeopardy. Here are some tips to help you stay safe during the holidays:

Be aware of hazards around your home. Look around your home and check for potential dangers. Do you see anything that looks unsafe? Are there any items that could fall over and hurt someone? Is there something that could spark a fire?

Stay alert while driving. Many accidents happen when drivers become distracted. Try to focus only on what you need to do on the road. Don’t worry about other cars; just concentrate on getting to your destination safely.

Use caution when walking near trees. Trees can look beautiful, but they can also pose a danger. Be careful when walking under large branches. You never know when one might break loose and hit you.

Keep pets inside. Pets can get into places that we don’t want them to go. For example, pet doors should be closed so that dogs cannot escape. Pet gates should be left closed whenever possible to keep cats inside.

Don’t forget about your family. Your loved ones deserve to spend time together without worrying about being injured. Make sure that everyone stays safe during the holidays.

Holiday festivities bring joy and happiness. But, sometimes bad things can happen like causing a fire at home. By following these tips, you can enjoy the holiday season without having to worry about being hurt by fire accidents.

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