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We Design Effective Fire Protection Systems

WFP employs one of the best design teams in the region when it comes to fire protection systems. Our team works with the most advanced 3D CAD technologies, and have years of experience, engineering services, and practice under their belt. We also have among our team licensed professionals and veterans of the industry, so our fire protection systems are not only sound in theory and design, they are also field tested and proven to work in real world applications.

A good fire protection system, such as a fire sprinkler, is always the first step in keeping your buildings, homes, and other properties safe from any untoward incident involving fires. And we give our 100% to every client’s fire protection systems design needs.

It is important to note that a working fire protection system will have multiple components. And each one should work seamlessly with the others when it comes to detecting, containing, controlling, and extinguishing fire in the early stages. An experienced designer like WFP will achieve this perfect symbiosis between different fire safety components.

WFP has been in the business for years, adapting our skill sets and knowledgebase to new developments in the fire protection industry. We have a team of designers consulting and working together and high-end suites of fire protection design software. We always place utmost importance in modeling our projects on actual building information, because accuracy is paramount if you want fire protection systems that do the job well. We work closely together with your team, even in the early stages of construction so that we can help you save time and money, instead of retrofitting everything at the last minute.

But that does not mean we cannot handle clients that need fire safety systems installed on a finished or old property. We have years of experience designing fire protection systems for old facilities that have been forced to comply with fire code standards. We can work around any problem and challenge, and can save property owners from costly liabilities and potential fines.


We are right up there with the best in the industry when it comes to fire protection systems design. Our advanced software, collision-checking experience, and 3D modeling capabilities give us access to unparalleled fire protection concepts, backed up by years of real world testing and application.

Our design process let us conceptualize systems that take into consideration all the aspects of a facility. This also allows for the most accurate installations, leaving no room for error or any need for reinstallations. Our main goal is to increase a facility’s overall safety, while also reducing the amount of rework and trade coordination during the construction phase.

Planning for Protection

You need licensed and experienced professionals when it comes to designing fire protection systems. Because the process is an exact science that must consider all pertinent factors, including the purpose of a building, the foot traffic, the size, and the presence of other safety systems. It is a complicated and sophisticated process that can be different depending on the building. Even the most advanced and well-designed systems must be reviewed and adjusted when installed on even a slightly different building. Each system we design takes into account the specific objectives we have in mind.

Designing a fire protection system is a complex undertaking, in which WFP’s system designers need to analyze a facility in its entirety, while also taking into account the smallest pieces in order to cover all the bases. Our approach goes beyond basic code compliance, because we also value the safety of every single person who will ever set foot in a building. We also consider the needs and budget limitations of a building owner.

Code Compliance as The Baseline GOAL

Unlike other fire system protection systems designers that only go as far as code compliance, we consider code compliance as only the bare minimum. That means exceeding the expectations set by fire codes, in an effort to provide the best protection and to protect building owners from any potential legal liabilities in the future.

There is also the matter of code compliance between different areas, and some inspectors may be more meticulous than others. We take these discrepancies into account, and our goal will always be compliance regardless of context and situation. The systems we design always have at least three major goals: save property, save lives, and maintain business continuity.

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We understand that many property owners tend to end up short when it comes to code compliance, because compliance can be a cumbersome and convoluted process. Let us take these burden off your shoulders. It is our job to ensure safety for your property, and do all the dirty work so that you can devote your energies to running your business or enjoying your home. 

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