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What You Need to Know About Fire Sprinklers

Since their invention, sprinkler heads have continued to improve in both reliability and efficiency. Today, they are so effective that most new construction in the United States is required to have a fire sprinkler system. But what you may not know is that many older buildings were not required to install a fire sprinkler system because the existing construction methods used at the time were considered adequate. 

However, if your building was constructed before 1978, you may be at risk. That’s when the government began requiring all new construction to have a working fire sprinkler system. In fact, some older buildings may not have even one remaining. If you own or operate an older building, you need to know about the recent changes in fire protection standards and the importance of having a working fire sprinkler system. Also, you should know that even if your building was constructed after 1978, there is still a chance you could be at risk.

First, many older buildings have been retrofitted with a fire sprinkler system, but many of those systems are over 20 years old and no longer function properly. Also, there are many older buildings that were never required to have a working fire sprinkler system at all. So, if you own or operate an older building, it is important to check and make sure your building is up to current code. You can find out if your building was constructed before or after 1978 by calling your local building inspector. A fire sprinkler system consists of a network of pipes and valves that deliver water under pressure when triggered by an automatic fire detection system. 

The first step in protecting your investment is to have your building inspected by a professional building inspector. This will ensure your building is in compliance with the most recent codes and regulations. Once this is done, the next step is to install a state-of-the-art, working fire sprinkler system. This will protect your building from fire and the loss of its contents. If your building does not have a working fire sprinkler system, it is still possible to protect your building. But, you will need to take other precautions as well. The most important part here is to make sure that your building is code compliant. Code compliance requires that your fire sprinkler system is fully functional and regularly inspected by a reputable fire inspection company. If you need fire sprinkler inspection services, call World Fire Protection and get a FREE estimate.