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Why PIV Signs Are Mandatory in Fire Safety

We have all seen the sign of the Personal Identification Visibility (PIV) at one point or the other. But do we really know what it is for, or how it helps us?  Do you know the importance of the PIV sign in fire safety? Have you ever wondered what happens if you don’t install them? You need to know these things. 

One of the most common issues with fire alarms in many buildings is the issue of missing or damaged PIV signs. These signs alert people who can’t see the fire alarm that there is an alarm present and also that it is working correctly.

PIV Sign: What is it?

Smoke and fire are among the most common types of emergencies that rob individuals of their sense of security and pose a threat to life and property. Smoke and fire indicators are aimed at keeping occupants informed about the presence of smoke or fire inside a building. In addition, they give occupants a few minutes to prepare before the fire service reaches the building. Smoke and fire indicators are being widely used in buildings, hospitals, commercial complexes, and industrial units.

What happens if a fire starts on your property? How can you react to it, without causing more harm than good? The PIV signs are a valuable addition to any home or property. It provides a clear and quick warning to anyone present if there is a fire occurring in the house. 

What could happen without PIV Signs?

Fire safety is one of the most important features of a building. It can also be the only thing that can save lives. There are a number of things that can go wrong if a building is not completely protected against fire. One of these is the use of PIV signs. A PIV sign can be a vital safety asset for a building, especially if it’s located on a door that leads to the outside. A PIV sign can alert people on the outside about a fire that is occurring on the inside. This is very important if people are locked inside the building and feel no other option but to escape this way. A PIV sign will be able to let the public know if the route is safe to travel through. Otherwise, the public will be able to avoid the danger.

When a fire is starting to get out of control, a PIV sign is one way to signal that there is a fire in the building and where it is. They are typically installed on the same floors as fire extinguishers, and they have a red light that goes on when the fire alarm goes off. This way, employees and visitors can know if a fire is in the building and where it is located. This saves lives!


It’s important to ensure that fire safety within a commercial or residential property is up to par and that everyone is aware of the dangers that exist. By taking the time to ensure that your premises feature the PIV signs that are required, you can help ensure that the safety of everyone is looked after.

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