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All building managers hope that the day they need to use fire sprinklers never come, but they need to live with the fact that it is always a possibility. So they need the sprinklers to work properly when it is needed. The problem is if the fire sprinkler system has not received proper maintenance and care throughout years of non-use. It could turn out that it was defective in the first place, or that degradation of key components and breakage has led to the sprinkler not functioning properly, if at all.

The NFPA mandates a 5 year fire sprinkler inspection, under which the insides of a fire sprinkler is examined thoroughly. The requirement is that the testing be done every 5 years or quarterly at the minimum.

The main purpose of this five year testing is to check if there are blockages in the piping. These blockages, however minor, will prevent effective flow of water. This could either prevent the sprinkler from working entirely, or reduce its pressure. A sprinkler with reduced pressure will not be as effective, and water might not reach it if it’s placed in a high location.

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Coverage of Five Year Service

The inspections will look at different possible internal obstructions that can develop from within the piping, which includes the following:

  • Rust. Since most piping are made of metal, rust could develop over time. This will reduce the structural integrity of the piping, and may lead to leaks and or blockages if enough of the rust flakes and gets into the system.
  • Slime. Slime buildup is a common problem among pipes, and sprinklers are not an exception. Slime could hinder the flow of water or block parts of the piping, preventing the sprinkler from functioning.
  • Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). Some microorganisms can corrode the piping, and these microorganisms are found in common water supply. The five year testing will check for their existence, so that WFP can make recommendations on what to do.
  • Other foreign materials. All sorts of foreign materials find their way into the piping. This can either be organic or inorganic. The five year testing will catch them all the same, and WFP can then make recommendations on how to address or remove them.

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What Does a Five Year Service Entail?

The first part of a five year service is the initial assessment. When it comes to the sprinkler system, this could include opening the flushing connection at one of the ends and then removing the sprinkler tower from the other end of a branch line. This is where WFP usually finds the presence of foreign organic or inorganic material. Afterwards, a more comprehensive obstruction investigation will be conducted.

An obstruction investigation will cover at least four points in the sprinkler system, such as the riser, system valve, cross main, and branch line. A complete flushing program will be initiated if obstructions are found in the piping.

Even new fire sprinkler pipes can be affected by sludge and buildup, especially in places where the water supply is of poor quality. These obstructions will diminish the flow of water through the sprinklers, making them less effective during a fire outbreak. This is why the NFPA requires a five year internal inspection for sprinklers, to ensure that both the property and its occupants are protected.

We Keep Track of Inspections

It may be difficult for facility owners to keep track of inspection schedules and all the specifics of remaining code-compliant. WFP uses state of the art custom software to keep track of inspections. This ensures that we will never lose track and will always be available to notify clients ahead of time to schedule the next inspection.

Regular Inspections Will Save You Money

It is true that you need to spend a small amount in order to hire a reputable company like WFP. But the cost of a five year service is only a fraction of what negligence could cost you. Some buildings who have been negligent have been fined upwards of $50,000 because of past inattention. That doesn’t even include the cost of repairs if a fire does occur and the sprinklers are inadequate or defective. And what about the cost of lives that could be lost? Or the cost of ongoing litigation if victims’ families decided to sue the building owner?

A five year plan is necessary because fire safety devices inherently have different failure rates. To really stay on top of their status, regular inspections are a must. This is why it is mandated by the NFPA for buildings that want to be code compliant. It’s best not to see a five year service as an added expense. In fact, it may actually pay for itself over time.

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