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The presence of a fire protection system is mandatory for any business or facility in order to be code compliant. But it is not enough to simply have one installed. Code compliance and insurance agencies require regular fire systems inspections. WFP is one of the best choices if you need credible fire inspections. We always have expert engineers and fire safety experts ready to deploy and provide thorough inspections. They will help you remain compliant with fire codes in your area and prevent problems with your insurance provider.

Fire suppression systems are basically the same as any security system, namely that the best-case scenario is that they don’t get used ever, but they are kept in optimal shape so that they will work perfectly if they are needed. This is where systems inspection comes in. It will help facility owners know that their fire protection systems work, without going through an actual fire incident.

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Inspections are mandated, but their frequency will depend on what the NFPA standards, state code, and local code dictates. This may vary depending on area and facility. It should not be a guessing game, so you need a credible fire protection contractor like WFP to perform the inspections. We are up to date on all pertinent codes and standards, and can adjust the schedule of inspections based on what code compliance would require.

The schedule for fire systems inspection can be Quarterly inspection, Annual, or every Five Years. We also provide other services, such as kitchen suppression. While WFP will make recommendations based on what the fire code requires, we will also take into consideration the client’s specific case. We can adjust the inspection to an ideal time in order to avoid disruption of operations or to coordinate with key people who are only available during specific times. Call us now and we will be happy to coordinate on a schedule that works for you.

Fire Inspection Services Coverage

Backflow Preventers. Systems that use foam instead of plain water are more effective at stopping fire, but they come with a caveat. There is a risk that the foam will make its way back to the municipal water supply, which is why code-compliance requires the installation of backflow preventers. Regular inspection will keep your backflow preventers working correctly, and keep you out of trouble.

Emergency Lighting. Keeping the emergency lighting working correctly is critical. In the event of a fire, you want to make sure people know where the exits are. They are truly lifesavers and WFP will ensure they remain so.

Sprinkler Systems. Sprinklers may work, but they have to be installed correctly and must be sized accordingly in order to have any effect.

Alarm Monitoring and Testing. You don’t want to wait until there’s an actual fire to know that your alarms are working (or worse, defective.) Alarm monitoring ensures that the components are kept in optimal condition, and that if ever the alarm goes off, someone will hear. 

Fire Pumps and Hydrants. Having water available to put out fire is good, but not enough. You need to make sure there is enough pressure so that the water can actually pull out fires instead of just dousing them. Additionally, pressure is also needed to make sure the water reaches high places, such as in multi-storey buildings.

Antifreeze Systems. Antifreeze is a crucial part of a fire protection system, but it is also a dangerous chemical that can harm people if mishandled. Leave it to reputable professionals like WFP to make sure the anti-freeze systems are in good condition and ready for deployment at a moment’s notice.

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Our commitment to providing the best fire safety systems inspection services gave us the opportunity to service even the most complex fire protection systems all over the region. Our skills and knowledge are proven by accreditation and real world experience. We have among our list of past projects various residential, commercial, and industrial clients. All of whom were satisfied with the quality and cost of our service.

Call us today and inquire about or fire protection and sprinkler inspection service. Our customer support staff is on standby and ready to answer your questions.  Our services also include Kitchen Suppression, Engineering Services, and Installation Services.