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World Fire Protection provides a cost-effective and robust fire protection service. We are detail-oriented and prioritize bringing the highest standards for the fire sprinkler inspection for your home or business. 

Still owned and operated by the founding Del Francis family, our years of experience in fire protection services will save you time, money, and provide peace of mind.

Avoid unexpected and expensive
code-compliance fines.

Enjoy dedicated and devoted service. We know we provide more than code-compliance, but a fire safety service for your livelihood and loved ones. Our WFP team offers the highest standard of fire protection service, fire sprinkler inspection service testing Las Vegas, fire alarm service, and underground services. Las Vegas fire protection is our expertise. It is not by accident that we are considered one of the best fire protection services Las Vegas, statewide, and beyond.

WFP provides full-protection:

  • Fire Protection
  • Fire Sprinkler Inspection Service
  • Fire Alarm Service
  • Underground Services

Enjoy the Best Fire Protection Services Las Vegas

At World Fire Protection, our company is built on a foundation of community-focused service and fire protection.

World Fire Protection’s founder Del Francis started the company with a priority to provide the highest fire protection service standards alongside a genuine interest in protecting his surrounding community.

Del Francis and his Advisory Committee were responsible for the 1980 fire sprinkler inspection laws established throughout L.A.’s and Hawaii’s business communities skyscrapers and other high-profile structures. Del Francis helped several fire departments for fire sprinkler inspection standards throughout Southern California, Hawaii, and beyond. WFP operates on a service model, not a business model when providing fire safety and the best protection services Las Vegas.

Fire Protection Service and Fire Sprinkler Inspection

To this day, World Fire Protection shares the same vision and values, carried on by the grandson of Del Francis Blake Chapman. Our team looks forward to a future built on a foundation of honesty, innovation, and commitment to quality. We are licensed in California under license number 1049720. World Fire Protection has stood the test of time — we provide the best fire protection services Las Vegas. Our company has played a crucial role in setting high standards and shaping not only fire protection service Las Vegas but the skyline of California.

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Code-Compliant Fire Protection Services Las Vegas

Get the best fire protection services, fire sprinkler service testing Las Vegas, fire alarms, and underground service. All of our fire protection service is code-compliant and expertly installed.

We maintain high-quality and expert service. Our team of professionals provides full-service fire protection service Las Vegas and fire sprinkler service testing. We provide Las Vegas fire protection, fire sprinkler inspection Las Vegas, fire alarms, and underground services as one of the best fire protection services throughout California.

No unexpected fines and no surprise problems that’ll cost you. Experience cost-efficient fire sprinkler service testing Las Vegas, expert scheduling, and transparency throughout our entire process. Our customer service prioritizes your needs — we meet your objectives with gusto and enthusiasm.

Our WFP Team Provides the Best Fire Protection Service

Our WFP team excels in meeting our customers’ objectives and needs. We provide exceptional service alongside fine-tuned senses to protect your property or home. Our mission is to bring preventative Las Vegas fire protection measures that can bring dependable fire protection service and peace of mind. We provide fire sprinkler service testing Las Vegas with the full awareness that we protect your property, as well as the people on it. WFP has brought active fire protection service Las Vegas to all clients before customer service was a priority within the industry. We have deep roots in providing quality protection. WFP is looking to serve you.

We provide 24-hour Palms Springs Fire Protection

At World Fire Protection we leave no corner is left behind. We provide a full-service for Las Vegas fire protection which includes fire sprinkler service testing, fire alarm systems, backflow certification, and backflow repair. We provide 24-hour emergency fire sprinkler inspection Las Vegas and fire sprinkler repair — expect your fire suppression system to be code-compliant and functioning correctly.

Our 24-hour fire protection service Las Vegas provides you with quality fire sprinkler inspection Las Vegas — get fire sprinkler repair that keeps your system code-compliant and working. In Las Vegas and other high-risk areas, it is necessary to keep your fire suppression system code-compliant and functioning.

Our WFP experts respond quickly and provide fire sprinkler inspections Las Vegas done with the utmost detail. We offer day-of maintenance and certification services. Our best fire protection services Las Vegas save you more than money. Ultimately we protect your livelihood and as they say, better to be fire protection safe than sorry. Our WFP experts are quick and can address any emergency inspection or repair needed.

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Experience Reliable Fire Protection Service Las Vegas

Our commercial and residential fire protection service Las Vegas provides the best practices — from your underground service needs right through final inspection. We offer a full-service with design, installation, and inspect fire sprinkler inspection Las Vegas.

For California businesses and homes, a properly functioning fire sprinkler service testing is the only way to save your property, and possibly more. Stop fires and protect yourself from unexpected casualties ranging from inconvenient to the direst.

If you have a fire sprinkler inspection need you know just how vital these protection systems — reliable and thorough inspections are necessary.

At WFP, our fire sprinkler service testing Las Vegas, fire alarm inspection, and repair is done with practical expertise. If you’re experiencing issues with your system, call our WFP team to get a reliable inspection service.

Get the Best Fire Protection Services

Our inspection services are done with skilled expertise. WFP fire sprinkler inspection services protect homes and properties with proven proficiency and transparent reporting every step of the way. We prioritize providing you with transparent reporting of everything your home fire sprinkler inspection Las Vegas requires.

Each fire sprinkler inspection is accompanied by a narrative full-color report — including digital photos and easy-to-read summary reports. Due to the detailed and comprehensive nature of our fire sprinkler inspection Las Vegas reports, we can provide findings for the next business day.

Our WFP fire inspection team can be reached 24/7 by phone, email, or text.

Enjoy reliable care from the best fire protection in the area.

We pride ourselves on being a full-service fire protection company. We provide fire protection, fire alarms, inspection services,
and underground services as one of the best fire safety installation companies.

Personalized Fire Protection Service

At World Fire Protection services, we have a specialty in providing personalized care for your property management team. We allow advancement appointments to fit your schedule at any time. Alongside 24-hour fire protection service Las Vegas, we also offer the most transparent and detailed process from design to installation. We love aiming to meet your objectives — and more often than not — hit the mark.

Enjoy High-Tech Inspection Technology

Our best fire protection services Las Vegas are skilled and devoted to providing full-service fire sprinkler service and more. From design to installation to the final inspections, you can experience proficient and full-service protection for your property or properties.

Upon request, we also provide inspection services with the latest technology. The “Flir” thermal imagery searches for plumbing and fire sprinkler inspection Las Vegas leaks within the walls, otherwise unseen problems.

Hire Professional and Certified Fire Sprinkler Inspection Services.

Enjoy fire safety done right. We provide fire sprinkler inspection Las Vegas as though it was for our property. Feel protected and safe from every corner of your property. We love providing robust protection and peace of mind for all.

Every one of your objectives is aimed for with our Team. Our Las Vegas fire protection service is done for you up until the final inspection. From fire sprinkler service testing Las Vegas to fire sprinkler inspection Las Vegas, we provide the best fire safety design and installations. All of our customers enjoy the best service.

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Las Vegas is a great city. It’s a world-recognized resort and casino city situated in the state of Nevada, United States. Las Vegas has its glory because it was founded in the 20 th century. Many wonderfully designed hotels and casinos attract vacationers, businessperson and even local citizens there throughout each year. Being a gambling mecca, one can lose themselves into playing games as well as taking part into interesting evening shows offered by some hotels there. People from all around the globe come to discover this city’s numerous attractions, weather, entertainment venues as well as countless other things this city may offer to those who visit it.

This development is the commercial manifestation of the extended effort that has gone into transforming what was once just considered another barren desert into a burgeoning metropolis that’s become famous for its bustling casinos, hotels and luxurious entertainment venues.

Geography and Terrain of Las Vegas

Located in the Mojave Basin, Las Vegas is surrounded by mountains on all sides. The city’s landscape consists of rocky desert areas and vegetation with desert wildlife. Flash floods are prone to occur unexpectedly in the area, but with the help of improved water drainage systems they’ve become less severe in Las Vegas than in previous years.

Las Vegas, Nevada has a warm desert climate. The summers are hot with barely any rain while the winters are very dry. Since the city is located in a valley, it traps air being pushed from one side to the other causing moisture to be drawn out. While Las Vegas has over 100 heat days every year, high temperatures remain between 86 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit (30 to 40 Celsius). As you might have read already, there’s quite a bit of elevation between Las Vegas and Hoover Dam because being so close to an inland Californian desert means mountains are constantly surging upwards because of massive parts of western America constantly moving eastwards along North American Plates. This explains why this area is always coastal plants flashing into action when it rains because there are rarely storms around here due to rough seas constantly brewing.

Although most people don’t think of Nevada as a place with active volcanoes, it’s actually named after one. Mt. Whitney, which last erupted 350 years ago, rises above the Sierra Nevadas. It isn’t the tallest mountain in the contiguous 48 states, but Mt. Whitney tallies the highest rise above sea level at 14,505 feet (4,421 m). That’s about 1.5 miles taller than Mt. McKinley in Alaska!

Economic Development in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is located in Clark County and is widely known as a business center as well as a tourist destination. The Fremont Street Experience, a five-block area of downtown Las Vegas which features some of the most known casinos and entertainment acts in the city, attracts close to eight million visitors annually. A part from being a booming tourist spot, Las Vegas is also recognized as a gambling paradise. Businesses that have their corporate headquarters here include Zappos, Harkins Theatres and the flagship store of the US retailer.

Las Vegas is Nevada’s economic center and largest city. Its metropolitan area, with more than twice the number of people outside the city limits as within them, contains roughly three-fourths of the state’s population. Las Vegas is home to several gaming companies, many of them located downtown or in the suburb of Paradise. The northern Strip near Las Vegas Boulevard is characterized by water features, skating rinks, trails connecting community gardens, an amphitheatre which hosts outdoor concerts, a man-made beachhead lake containing 1.5 million U.S.-gallons (3.25 million liters) of water for fishing, swimming and boating.

Before Downtown Las Vegas was built it used to be a place that only once drew in large crowds of tourists and inspired plenty of ridicule. But now, this location is one of the leading economic powers in the country with its workforce outdoing entire economies elsewhere around the world. Nowadays, this location draws more tourists than Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Parks do because it’s such an outstanding destination for business and for rest and relaxation too.