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Quarterly Inspections

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What Does a Quarterly Inspection Consist Of?

The most common inspection schedule that WFP’s clients request for is quarterly. 4 scheduled visits for fire safety protection is ideal, because it strikes the perfect balance between being on top of their fire protection system’s upkeep, without being too disruptive to the facility’s normal operations.

WFP’s Quarterly Inspection services will differ slightly depending on the client, but in general they are visual inspections of the equipment included in a fire safety system. Four times a year, our fire safety experts or engineers will conduct a visit and do thorough visual inspections of equipment, ensuring that they are in peak operating condition, free of physical damage, and defects.

Physical & Visual Inspections

While each quarterly inspection will include a visual inspection, the annual schedule will include physical and a more hands-on testing. This is a more thorough procedure that will inspect every single factor in a room that can affect fire safety, even those that are not part of the fire protection system itself.

WFP will also make recommendations to the client or their representatives, because the NFP has specific requirements for equipment that must be tested, and the frequency of testing. Some of the items require more frequent testing, falling outside the scope of a quarterly testing schedule. For instance, some types of fire sprinkler systems may require weekly visual inspection, but some more robust systems could require only annual fire inspections or even after every five years.

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Why is Regular Inspection Important?

It is common knowledge that fire sprinklers are standard inclusions in any building code requirement. But what many building owners sometimes forget is that sprinklers are not the kind of equipment that you just “set and forget”. There are various factors that can affect its functionality.

For starters, it depends on a water supply. And this same power supply can degrade over time, or problems with the piping structure can lead to a non-functioning sprinkler. An impaired sprinkler can have disastrous consequences. Lives can be lost, properties can be damaged beyond repair, and the building owner will most definitely be liable.

Periodic inspection and testing is important so that facility owners will know if and when a repair or replacement is needed. If a facility owner is worried about expenses when hiring a reputable fire protection inspection provider like WFP, it helps to remember that failure to comply with mandated regular testing will result in more costly citations and fines.

The NFPA 25 is the standard for inspection, testing, and maintenance of water-based fire protection systems. And this is what WFP uses as a baseline for our preventive inspection, testing, and maintenance activities. Of particular note here is section 13.2.5, which requires a main drain test conducted at specific intervals. WFP is fully qualified and has years of experience conducting these tests. We have become adept at performing the inspections without any disruption to the facility or its occupants.

Items Subject to Inspection

While different clients might require different approaches, WFP in general will conduct a comprehensive survey that covers all of the property’s fire alarms, kitchen hoods, water-based protection systems, and life safety equipment. Only then can we draft a service agreement that will put into writing the needed inspections for the particular client.

WFP is very flexible, and our service agreements can be custom-tailored to the specific needs of a facility or building owner. For instance, we may provide basic training to a client or their staff if the inspections required fall outside of the frequency of a quarterly inspection. Or if under a special agreement, can perform the inspection ourselves. We also notify the client when it is time for the more thorough five-year inspection.

World Fire Protection Keeps Track

It may be difficult for facility owners to keep track of inspection schedules and all the specifics of remaining code-compliant. WFP uses state of the art custom software to keep track of inspections. This ensures that we will never lose track and will always be available to notify clients ahead of time to schedule the next inspection.

Guide to Quarterly Visual Inspection

100% Code Compliant

As per the NFPA’s requirements, a quarterly visual inspection will need to cover the following components of a fire protection system:

  • Valve Supervisory Switches
  • Gauges for Wet Pipe Systems
  • Waterflow Alarm and Signal Devices
  • Fire Department Connections
  • Pressure Reducing and Relief Valves
  • Backflow Prevention Assemblies
  • Hydraulic Design Information Sign

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Be Compliant with Quarterly Inspections

If you want your building to remain code compliant and avoid citations and fines, contact WFP today and we will have one of our customer support staff address all of your questions and concerns. We would love to have you as a client, and we’re ready to develop a schedule and service agreement that meets all of the various requirements based on your facility, resources, and budget.

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We understand that many property owners tend to end up short when it comes to code compliance, because compliance can be a cumbersome and convoluted process. Let us take these burden off your shoulders. It is our job to ensure safety for your property, and do all the dirty work so that you can devote your energies to running your business or enjoying your home. 

We prioritize the needs and safety of our clients, and we have never let a single client down throughout our many years of operations. Call us now! One of our expert technicians and customer support staff will address all of your questions and concerns.