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The best time a fire sprinkler installation in a facility or home is during the construction phase. Unfortunately, this is not the most common situation. For the average building or home owner, the need for a new fire sprinkler system may come when the property is already built. This is where a retrofit comes in. WFP can install a fire protection system in a facility, even one that is already several years old, and retrofit it so that it’s as efficient and seamless as it would be when installed during the construction phase.

Different Reasons Why a Retrofit is Needed

There are many reasons why a property owner may suddenly need to retrofit a fire safety system on a fully-constructed facility. First is that they managed to get away for a few years with a property that is not up to code. In which case, they probably wisened up and realized that getting caught is more costly, and that they are risking not only their investments but the lives of other people as well with a facility that is not code compliant.

Another reason might be changes in the laws in their area. Maybe the old code did not require a fire sprinkler, but it was amended to require one. Or maybe they added a new wing or extension and must now add another fire sprinkler to cover the larger area. In which case, one should not waste time and get the services of WFP in order to retrofit a sprinkler system to their existing facility.

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Considerations When Retrofitting a Fire Sprinkler System

Retrofits are not simple, which is the reason why a lot of building owners make the mistake of not getting new sprinklers installed.

But rest assured that WFP is aware of these considerations and will work to address them. These list of concerns include:

The type of system – there is no one-size-fits-all fire sprinkler system. If there is, it’s not going to do a very good job because it will try to accommodate different situations and different building types. You need to know what kind of sprinkler you need – is it a simple sprinkler system or a foam system? Or maybe a special hazards system? Different types of buildings will benefit from specific types, and of course the cost of the components and the complexity of installation will be affected.

Pre-existing components – a fire sprinkler system cannot function without a water supply. So you also need to consider where the water will come from. Most facilities already have an existing water supply, but sometimes there is a need to drill a well with a separate storage tank with its own pumps. And a foam system means that you also need to install a backflow preventer, because you don’t want the foam to make its way to the municipal water supply. Code compliance requires these backflow preventers if you wish to use the more effective foam system.

Timing of the install – the other thing about retrofits on an existing/used building is that they are more often than not already occupied. Installation, even the most efficient ones, can be very disruptive to a facility that is already in use. WFP will coordinate the schedule of installation efficiently so that there is minimal downtime, or that the quality of living of occupants will not be affected too much. The timing of installation is doubly important for facilities that have no downtimes, such as hospitals or assisted living facilities. WFP has years of experience providing such services, so that retrofitting a fire sprinkler system will not disrupt the residents and the staff.

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Cost-Efficient Retrofitting

A lot of building owners choose to forego retrofitting because of cost concerns. WFP understands that not everybody has budget to spare. So we ensure that our services are cost-effective, and will fit the client’s budget without sacrificing the quality of materials or service.

Of course, it is important to note that there are lots of factors that play into the cost of retrofitting a fire safety system. The above reasons all play into, as well as the ease of ability to install various components – particularly the required piping and fittings. We will work closely with the client to ensure that they get the best system that fits their budget. There are ways to decrease or increase costs, by carefully choosing materials and features, as well as scheduling and manpower allocation.

There are benefits that should be considered as well. A fire safety system retrofit is not an expense with not chance to recoup. In fact, proper installation with a cost efficient company like WFP can actually lead to savings. This is because a working sprinkler system will dramtically reduce the insurance you need to pay. This is particularly true the larger the facility. This reduction in insurance may actually end up causing the fire sprinkler retrofit to pay for itself over time.

There are numerous other benefits, including the fact that you will save lives and reduce the risk of having your property go up in flames. WFP promises that the benefits will definitely outweigh the cons of getting a fire protection system retrofitted for an existing facility. We have certified technicians and engineers ready to work with you from installation to completion, ensuring that costs and disruption to operations are kept to a bare minimum. We will help you choose the right kind of system for your facility, and will provide top-notch inspection and maintenance if needed. Contact us today and we will help you assess whether your facility needs a retrofit or not.

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