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Why is Tenant Improvement Fire Protection Important

Building owners need to prioritize the welfare of their tenants. WFP helps in this endeavour, with our Tenant Improvement services. The tenant improvement period, which is when a commercial tenant gets a new lease and needs to renovate the space, is a really great opportunity to install a comprehensive fire protection system, as there is less risk of disrupting normal facility operations. And fire protection is something that should not be neglected.

You can’t argue with statistics. They show that more than 50% of companies in the US that experience a fire never re-open, and another 20% that do re-open ended up closing within three years anyway, because they were never able to recoup the losses or re-establish their credibility. Businesses need to take fire protection seriously, and must never settle for the bare minimum or barely adequate fire protection.

Make Fire Protection Part of Your Tenant Improvement Allowance

WFP’s team of experts will work closely with clients who have newly constructed buildings. Our clients are satisfied with the work we have done, which include work on office buildings, warehouses, apartment buildings, commercial kitchens, and other buildings where fire safety is crucial.

Any business that wants to operate indefinitely should include fire protection as part of their tenant improvement allowance. Fire can be unpredictable, and you can never be too sure that accidents or acts of god won’t happen. In this case, you need the next best thing – a fire safety and protection system that can hopefully minimize the risk of a fire incident occuring, while also ensuring that people are protected and damages are suppressed when fire accidents do occur.

Don’t be part of those 70% of businesses that went under, just because they want to save a small amount of money on skipping proper fire safety protection systems and retrofits. Don’t let the business go up in smoke just because the building isn’t adequately protected from fire. And think of all the lives that will be saved, simply by hiring WFP as part of your tenant improvement allowance.

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WFP’s Tenant Improvement Services

We help improve the efficiency of installations for general contractors, and provide a number of services that can help improve the building not just for the owners and general contractors, but for the tenants as well. These include:

Ongoing supervision on the field as well as job monitoring from a qualified fire sprinkler veteran. We have on our staff experts with years of experience providing fire sprinkler installation and repair services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. They can help oversee the fire sprinkler installation, to ensure that it is deployed properly and can be used without any issues.

Installers that are qualified, licensed, and with years of experience. You shouldn’t trust safety to novices, so we only assign installers who know what they are doing and have several years’ worth of satisfied clients. They are complemented by a full-time, designated team of in-house design professionals and technical staff.

A full warehouse and a mobile warehouse with inventory of all the high quality parts and components we need. This ensures that we can respond fast to any need for parts replacement or repairs, without the need to go through the lengthy process of canvassing and procuring of parts.

A fleet of modern and dependable vehicles used to transport materials and our staff, so that we can arrive on site in a prompt manner and allow us to respond to any calls fast.

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Everything Needed for Quality Service

WFP has access to the most up to date tools of the trade, and high end equipment. We can fabricate and weld our own materials, to ensure that what we are using will pass our very stringent requirements.

Our service branch is always ready to provide the service that clients need or ask for. We have a team on the ready, able to deploy in a moments notice and provide necessary fire sprinkler design, installation, and repair services. We aim to make every single phase of a project moving quickly with fast turnarounds, without sacrificing any of the quality or the client experience.

Our owners are very hands on, and make it a point to be involved in the process. This ensures that there are no bureaucratic delays and every single aspect of the service meets the business owners’ promises. We are a business, and we understand that businesses do not want to waste any time, money, or opportunity. So we keep transactions free of any misunderstandings. The path from provision of quotation to project completion will always be smooth and hassle-free. Call us now for a quotation!

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Let us do the dirty work

We understand that many property owners tend to end up short when it comes to code compliance, because compliance can be a cumbersome and convoluted process. Let us take these burden off your shoulders. It is our job to ensure safety for your property, and do all the dirty work so that you can devote your energies to running your business or enjoying your home. 

We prioritize the needs and safety of our clients, and we have never let a single client down throughout our many years of operations. Call us now! One of our expert technicians and customer support staff will address all of your questions and concerns.