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World Fire Protection is Open During the Covid-19 Crisis

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Ensuring that your fire alarm, sprinkler, and suppression system is very important. It will help avert loss of lives and property, and as well as keep you safe from legal liabilities. Additionally, a functional fire protection system may also help lower your insurance premium. If you need help ensuring your fire suppression system’s readiness, contact World Fire Protection now. Our technicians and engineers have years of experience providing the best and quickest service. Call us today to set an appointment.

If you are worried about the stay-at-home order currently implemented, you will be glad to know that World Fire Protection is deemed as an essential service and open for business during these difficult times. If you are a business owner or property owner in need of an inspection please contact us for a FREE Annual or 5-Year inspection.

For more details on the safety protocols and policies we put in place to protect our clients and employees, you can head on over to our Covid-19 page.