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Why Choose WFP for New Constructions?

WFP has years of experience helping residential, commercial, and industrial facilities ensure code-compliance. We are the most qualified company to provide any building with everything it needs when it comes to fire safety and protection. Our approach always puts the client first, and we are never satisfied until the client is satisfied with our work. We give our 100% to every single client, regardless of size. Whether it’s a residential facility, a local shop, or a multi-million dollar new installation, you can trust WFP to give the best service from start to finish.

Completing installations on new constructions is never the end for us. You can trust WFP when it comes to ongoing repair, maintenance, or continued testing. The goal is to keep your fire protection equipment in good condition for years to come.

Protection for Newly Constructed Buildings

WFP’s team of experts will work closely with clients who have newly constructed buildings. Our clients are satisfied with the tenant improvement work we have done, which include work on office buildings, warehouses, apartment buildings, commercial kitchens, and other buildings where fire safety is crucial.

Code Compliance is a Priority

One of our key aims is to ensure that a client will be compliant with the NFPA 5000 Bulding Construction and Safety Code. It contains everything that building owners and construction crews need in order to keep new construction crews safe for people, for the property, and the public while also minimizing injuries. The NFPA 5000 is a must if you want to apply for a Certificate of Occupancy.

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The Best Fire Protection Equipment for New Constructions

WFP is committed to providing the best full service fire protection to clients. We will outfit new buildings with all the industry’s standard fire safety equipment, custom-tailoring the system to the client’s budget without sacrificing quality or functionality. Some of the equipment that can be part of a new construction include the components below.

Fire Sprinklers – a fire sprinkler system is one of the requirements for a commercial building that wants to be code compliant. The challenge is finding the right one, because a poor quality fire sprinkler might satisfy the requirement, but it might not function well enough and become next to useless in the event of an actual fire outbreak. WFP will make sure that you get the best fire sprinkler system that fits your budget, and will make sure that they are not defective.

Fire Pumps – if you have a high rise facility, a fire pump is required to be code compliant. This is because it is the way to ensure that there is enough water pressure to send water to the sprinkler system, regardless of how high the floor is. WFP can design the perfect fire pump that will not ruin the facility’s aesthetics.

Backflow Prevention – one of the risks of having a fire sprinkler is that the toxic water might flow backwards and make its way to the municipal water supply. It is mandated by fire codes that a backflow preventer be installed on any building with a sprinkler system. We will make sure the preventers are installed with minimal disruption to the building.

Fire Alarms – many lives have been saved by a fire alarm, and every single house or building should have one. WFP knows that hardwiring a fire alarm system into a building, especially a large one, is best done during new construction. This is because the walls and ceilings are still unfinished, and therefore more accessible.

Emergency Lighting – during a fire, the presence of exit signs and floodlights with their own battery backup can save many lives. WFP can install these life saving devices on any new construction, and we are always abreast of emergency lighting code requirments so you can get your Certificate of Occupancy with minimal delay.

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WFP’s customer support staff are on standby, ready to answer all of your questions and concerns. We would love to bid on your new construction project, or to give you a quotation that meets all of your needs and budget. We will work closely with your people, consulting, designing, engineering, and even assembling a team of experts that can get the work done on time. You shouldn’t wait until the building is fully constructed, because it is always more efficient and cost-effective to get all the fire protection devices installed during the construction phase.

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We understand that many property owners tend to end up short when it comes to code compliance, because compliance can be a cumbersome and convoluted process. Let us take these burden off your shoulders. It is our job to ensure safety for your property, and do all the dirty work so that you can devote your energies to running your business or enjoying your home. 

We prioritize the needs and safety of our clients, and we have never let a single client down throughout our many years of operations. Call us now! One of our expert technicians and customer support staff will address all of your questions and concerns.