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World Fire Protection provides a cost-effective and robust fire protection service. We are detail-oriented and prioritize bringing the highest standards for the fire sprinkler inspection for your home or business

Still owned and operated by the founding Del Francis family, our years of experience in fire protection services will save you time, money, and provide peace of mind.

Avoid unexpected and expensive
code-compliance fines.

Enjoy dedicated and devoted service. We know we provide more than code-compliance, but a fire safety service for your livelihood and loved ones. Our WFP team offers the highest standard of fire protection service, fire sprinkler inspection service testing Big Bear Lake, fire alarm service, and underground services. Big Bear Lake fire protection is our expertise. It is not by accident that we are considered one of the best fire protection services Big Bear Lake, statewide, and beyond.

WFP provides full-protection:

  • Fire Protection
  • Fire Sprinkler Inspection Service
  • Fire Alarm Service
  • Underground Services

Enjoy the Best Fire Protection Services Big Bear Lake

At World Fire Protection, our company is built on a foundation of community-focused service and fire protection.

World Fire Protection’s founder Del Francis started the company with a priority to provide the highest fire protection service standards alongside a genuine interest in protecting his surrounding community.

Del Francis and his Advisory Committee were responsible for the 1980 fire sprinkler inspection laws established throughout L.A.’s and Hawaii’s business communities skyscrapers and other high-profile structures. Del Francis helped several fire departments for fire sprinkler inspection standards throughout Southern California, Hawaii, and beyond. WFP operates on a service model, not a business model when providing fire safety and the best protection services Big Bear Lake.

Fire Protection Service and Fire Sprinkler Inspection

To this day, World Fire Protection shares the same vision and values, carried on by the grandson of Del Francis Blake Chapman. Our team looks forward to a future built on a foundation of honesty, innovation, and commitment to quality. We are licensed in California under license number 1049720. World Fire Protection has stood the test of time — we provide the best fire protection services Big Bear Lake. Our company has played a crucial role in setting high standards and shaping not only fire protection service Big Bear Lake but the skyline of California.

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Code-Compliant Fire Protection Services Big Bear Lake

Get the best fire protection services, fire sprinkler service testing Big Bear Lake, fire alarms, and underground service. All of our fire protection service is code-compliant and expertly installed.

We maintain high-quality and expert service. Our team of professionals provides full-service fire protection service Big Bear Lake and fire sprinkler service testing. We provide Big Bear Lake fire protection, fire sprinkler inspection Big Bear Lake, fire alarms, and underground services as one of the best fire protection services throughout California.

No unexpected fines and no surprise problems that’ll cost you. Experience cost-efficient fire sprinkler service testing Big Bear Lake, expert scheduling, and transparency throughout our entire process. Our customer service prioritizes your needs — we meet your objectives with gusto and enthusiasm.

Our WFP Team Provides the Best Fire Protection Service

Our WFP team excels in meeting our customers’ objectives and needs. We provide exceptional service alongside fine-tuned senses to protect your property or home. Our mission is to bring preventative Big Bear Lake fire protection measures that can bring dependable fire protection service and peace of mind. We provide fire sprinkler service testing Big Bear Lake with the full awareness that we protect your property, as well as the people on it. WFP has brought active fire protection service Big Bear Lake to all clients before customer service was a priority within the industry. We have deep roots in providing quality protection. WFP is looking to serve you.

We provide 24-hour Big Bear Lake Fire Protection

At World Fire Protection we leave no corner is left behind. We provide a full-service for Big Bear Lake fire protection which includes fire sprinkler service testing, fire alarm systems, backflow certification, and backflow repair. We provide 24-hour emergency fire sprinkler inspection Big Bear Lake and fire sprinkler repair — expect your fire suppression system to be code-compliant and functioning correctly.

Our 24-hour fire protection service Big Bear Lake provides you with quality fire sprinkler inspection Big Bear Lake — get fire sprinkler repair that keeps your system code-compliant and working. In Big Bear Lake and other high-risk areas, it is necessary to keep your fire suppression system code-compliant and functioning.

Our WFP experts respond quickly and provide fire sprinkler inspections Big Bear Lake done with the utmost detail. We offer day-of maintenance and certification services. Our best fire protection services Big Bear Lake save you more than money. Ultimately we protect your livelihood and as they say, better to be fire protection safe than sorry. Our WFP experts are quick and can address any emergency inspection or repair needed.

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Experience Reliable Fire Protection Service Big Bear Lake

Our commercial and residential fire protection service Big Bear Lake provides the best practices — from your underground service needs right through final inspection. We offer a full-service with design, installation, and inspect fire sprinkler inspection Big Bear Lake.

For California businesses and homes, a properly functioning fire sprinkler service testing is the only way to save your property, and possibly more. Stop fires and protect yourself from unexpected casualties ranging from inconvenient to the direst.

If you have a fire sprinkler inspection need you know just how vital these protection systems — reliable and thorough inspections are necessary.

At WFP, our fire sprinkler service testing Big Bear Lake, fire alarm inspection, and repair is done with practical expertise. If you’re experiencing issues with your system, call our WFP team to get a reliable inspection service.

Get the Best Fire Protection Services

Our inspection services are done with skilled expertise. WFP fire sprinkler inspection services protect homes and properties with proven proficiency and transparent reporting every step of the way. We prioritize providing you with transparent reporting of everything your home fire sprinkler inspection Big Bear Lake requires.

Each fire sprinkler inspection is accompanied by a narrative full-color report — including digital photos and easy-to-read summary reports. Due to the detailed and comprehensive nature of our fire sprinkler inspection Big Bear Lake reports, we can provide findings for the next business day.

Our WFP fire inspection team can be reached 24/7 by phone, email, or text.

Enjoy reliable care from the best fire protection in the area.

We pride ourselves on being a full-service fire protection company. We provide fire protection, fire alarms, inspection services,
and underground services as one of the best fire safety installation companies.

Personalized Fire Protection Service

At World Fire Protection services, we have a specialty in providing personalized care for your property management team. We allow advancement appointments to fit your schedule at any time. Alongside 24-hour fire protection service Big Bear Lake, we also offer the most transparent and detailed process from design to installation. We love aiming to meet your objectives — and more often than not — hit the mark.

Enjoy High-Tech Inspection Technology

Our best fire protection services Big Bear Lake are skilled and devoted to providing full-service fire sprinkler service and more. From design to installation to the final inspections, you can experience proficient and full-service protection for your property or properties.

Upon request, we also provide inspection services with the latest technology. The “Flir” thermal imagery searches for plumbing and fire sprinkler inspection Big Bear Lake leaks within the walls, otherwise unseen problems.

Hire Professional and Certified Fire Sprinkler Inspection Services.

Enjoy fire safety done right. We provide fire sprinkler inspection Big Bear Lake as though it was for our property. Feel protected and safe from every corner of your property. We love providing robust protection and peace of mind for all.

Every one of your objectives is aimed for with our Team. Our Big Bear Lake fire protection service is done for you up until the final inspection. From fire sprinkler service testing Big Bear Lake to fire sprinkler inspection Big Bear Lake, we provide the best fire safety design and installations. All of our customers enjoy the best service.

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Big Bear Lake is a small city in San Bernardino County, California. This place has been around for a long time. In fact, Hollywood had been coming here since 1910 just to have something on the table to do some movie filming. In 1926 it was turned into a full-blown community which operated until the 1950s, after that there had been a lot of changes that made life around here much easier and peaceful which had attracted lots of people from different places in California and some other states too. There was even some assistance from Uncle Sam during World War II with help from some nearby resorts called Kratzerville and Skyland. It’s a great community to call home!

In the 19th century, Big Bear Lake was home to the Serrano Indians. In 1818, Mexican settlers arrived in the area and founded what is now known as Yucaipa. The name originates from this time; it literally translates into “big bear”. These early pioneers also built their own lumber mills which lead to an even larger population growth within the region during the gold rush period between 1861 and 1912. After that period, the lumber business declined after many trees were cut down, but brought new inhabitants to town. Today the land is host to black bears (introduced in 1933) due to an increase of their natural habitat around Big Bear Lake, since it receives much more rain than other parts of California.

Geography and Terrain of Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is the big brother of the nearby neighborhood of Big Bear City. It’s located at 34.241295 degrees north which is 116.903289 west of San Bernardino, California on MapQuest. According to the United States Census Bureau, it has a total area of 17 square miles, with 14 square miles being land and 3 square miles being water, making up 13% of the lake’s size due to sub-peaks situated inside its’ water including Island “W”.

Big Bear is known for the variety of wildlife native to the area. One especially fun aspect of Big Bear is all the adorable animals you can meet while staying there, like bears and eagles! It’s amazing to spend some time with these majestic creatures without having to worry about getting eaten or look for food all day on your own. You’ll find many indigenous plant species that are endangered in the region, too, thanks to Big Bear Lake’s clean water. If you’re ever lucky enough to find yourself on vacation in Big Bear, remember that it only takes a little proactiveness and a bit of luck to spot a bald eagle in its natural habitat!

During winter time, Big Bear Lake becomes a destination for Californians looking to enjoy the snowy outdoors. There are two ski resorts: Snow Summit and Bear Mountain. Moreover, the town is home to the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival (BBLIFF) , an annual film festival that has taken place every year since 2000. Other major draws included a natural hot spring where visitors could go swimming or just relax in a Jacuzzi. The beautiful mountains of Big Bear have been a hit with many people. The mountains are a great place to hike and discover new things. Another popular location in Big Bear is the hot springs. On a cold evening, people love to go to the hot springs and relax in a nice warm bath.
Economic Development in Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is a popular tourist destination due to its cool mountain surroundings and luxurious lakefront property. Home to the most productive logging industry in Los Angeles County, this area has a rich and diverse economy that supports a stable community and active growing population.

Big Bear Lake is in a prime location in the San Bernardino Mountains. It offers tons of recreation activities in a natural environment. Snow skiing is the main tourist attraction in the winter. The lake is located in a valley surrounded by huge mountains. In the summer, the lake is a popular place for camping, hiking, biking, and fishing. The community is booming with the building of new restaurants and hotels even though there is a limited amount of land. Many people from L.A. and San Diego commute here to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The town is located in a national forest so there is plenty of space.